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Tui is a picturesque town in the autonomous community of Galicia, located in the northwest of Spain. With a rich history dating back to Roman times, Tui offers a fascinating blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. Situated on the Miño River, which forms the border between Spain and Portugal, the town has held a strategic position throughout the centuries.

One of the most striking landmarks in Tui is the Cathedral of Santa María de Tui. This impressive cathedral, built in the 12th century, combines Romanesque and Gothic styles and provides stunning views over the town and the surrounding region. The narrow, cobbled streets of the old town invite visitors to leisurely walks, offering well-preserved medieval architecture.

In addition to its historical charm, Tui provides access to beautiful natural landscapes. The nearby Monte Aloia Natural Park is a popular recreational area where visitors can hike, bike, and enjoy panoramic views over the Miño River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Tui also plays a significant role in the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, known as the Camino de Santiago. The town is an important stop on the Portuguese route of this famous pilgrimage, welcoming thousands of pilgrims from around the world annually.

With its rich history, cultural attractions, and stunning natural surroundings, Tui is a hidden gem that is well worth a visit.

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